Brandee - Hospital Manager


Brandee began her veterinary career in 2012 and believes in creating a veterinary experience where patients receive the highest standard of medical care in an atmosphere where all pets and humans feel welcomed, included, and safe.

In 2017, Brandee proudly earned her certification as a CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager).

Brandee experienced a tremendous loss in 2016 when the owner/MDVM of her practice took her own life. From that experience, Brandee was inspired to learn and understand the symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout (which many veterinary professionals are suffering from today). This led to her becoming a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional. It is Brandee's heartfelt desire to see everyone in the veterinary profession happy, healthy, and following their dreams.

For several years, Brandee worked at the corporate level on a culture-building team. She traveled nationally and the focus was to support veterinary professionals with genuine compassion toward the challenges they face. This allowed her to build upon her desire to see others find beauty in their lives.

As a site leader, Brandee encourages each team member to grow professionally, be kind to one another, and demonstrate the same compassion that they show to animals. In order to have a healthy team culture along with strong business results, Brandee regularly checks in with each team member after encouraging them to do something every day that brings joy to their lives and makes them feel good (no matter how big or small).

Brandee and her husband Mick live in beautiful North Georgia with four spoiled cats: Cleo, Gracie, Jack, and Lucy. Brandee enjoys riding mountain bikes and jet skis, hiking, kayaking, photography, and relaxing with family, friends, and pets.