Cedarcrest Animal Hospital




Our pharmacy is fully stocked to take care of your pet’s health needs. From short-term treatment of infections and allergies to long- term management of thyroid disease and heart conditions, we can help.


We also recommend and prescribe heartworm and flea preventatives. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are common parasites year-round in the Southeast.


For your convenience, we also offer an online pharmacy that delivers food and medication directly to your door.  These products are the exact same medications we sell in-house, with the same guarantee.  The Remind Me program allows you to budget for single doses of heartworm and flea prevention to be delivered at the same time every month.  

*We are now offering curbside prescription pickup!


Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Heartgard Plus

Proheart 6 for puppies

Proheart 12


Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs


Vectra 3D


Heartworm and Flea Prevention for Cats


Revolution Plus

If our doctors have not yet seen your pet, we are required by the Georgia State Veterinary Practice Act to examine your pet before prescribing medication.