Frank Ortiz is a dog trainer who has a strong passion for rehabilitating dogs.

Anyone who meets Frank can see his compassion and strong desire to make life better for dogs. He finds the root of the problem, whether it be fear, anxiety, or boredom, and works with you and your pet to eradicate bad behaviors. Frank can change not only your pet’s life but also your own life.

Frank Ortiz has been working at Cedarcrest Animal Hospital since January 2013. In his first year at Cedarcrest, he was trained as a veterinary assistant, but his passion for dogs extended beyond the medical aspect. He knew he could offer more to help animals with behavioral issues. Frank’s spare time was spent observing different behaviors in our boarding facility--anxiety, aggression, fear, storm phobias, etc. He wondered what these dogs were missing and what he could do to fill that void. Frank understood that the health of the animal extended beyond what we could treat medically; he needed to focus on their mental state. It was then that Frank decided training would be perfect for him.

Frank is currently the dog trainer at Cedarcrest Animal Hospital and has worked to successfully rehabilitate all types of dogs with many different behavioral issues. Frank is currently finishing the certification process with CCPDT (Certified Council of Professional Dog Trainers). Knowing that health and behavior go hand in hand, Frank works with our veterinarians as a team to address behavior issues in animals.

Frank tailors his training to each individual’s needs. He teaches a variety of subjects in both one-on-one and group settings, which include better manners, coping with fear, calming out-of-control dogs, and working toward a balance between dog and human. Frank enjoys working with all types of dog behaviors, from basic puppy training to anxiety and aggression.

In his professional work, Frank incorporates multiple styles of training to accomplish a great balance for your pet. Some of his types of training include positive reinforcement, trust, communication with body language and energy, exercise, leadership, and affection. Frank is also our Doggie Playcare Manager and works outside with our playcare dogs socializing and teaching basic manners.

Frank lives in the Acworth area with his wife Amarilis, three sons Frank, Giancarlo, and Lucas, and their three dogs Domino, Luna, and Dozer. Frank’s philosophy is: “I want to help owners understand the importance of having a dog and having their dog be a part of our community. Humans and dogs can co-exist together but it can only be accomplished if the human behind the dog provides his/her needs. A dog that gets exercise & leadership is a happy and balanced dog!”